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Re: Barnacle's mini-shift

>Joe Ross wrote--
>WECB?  What's that?

Interestingly, WECB was on the air about a year before WERS-FM, from what I 
have seen in the Emerson Archives.  WECB was and still is a carrier-current 
AM, and I think it went on the air around 1948.   WERS-FM went on the air 
in late 1949, so WECB started out as a place where you got your practice as 
an announcer or singer or whatever....  Dave Maynard was on WECB before he 
moved over to WERS  (he graduated from Emerson in 1951... and had been the 
News Director for a while!).  Today, WECB still exists and still provides 
different opportunties from those of WERS.  For a while, it was much more 
top-40 hit oriented, for example.  I don't know if Jed Barton is still 
lurking on this list, but he was the WECB Program Director several years 
ago, the first blind person to attain such a position; he did a fine job 
running the station, and doing an airshift too.