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Re: AAA....love it....wish more people did!

I agree with Garrett in his post, wholeheartedly:

> What AAA needs in order to succeed:
> 1) A good local advertising (or ``underwriting'') base.  (Stations
> can't depend on the competition selling out every season.)

The format of the month club is definitely exhausting.  On the bright
side, it does keep radiophiles returning to their PCs each week.

> 2) Upscale audience.

Aw, shucks.  (But, truth be told, my wife is more true to TSLs with
WXRV than am I, although it's on in my car quite a bit, too.)

> 3) Vibrant local music scene.

Sticking with WXRV, tip of the cans to their live studio appearances
and resulting disc.  Funny, havn't seen such originality in ... um..

Bill O'Neill