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Re: AAA....love it....wish more people did!

<<On Thu, 9 Sep 1999 06:36:54 -0400, "Tim Davisson" <timdav@bright.net> said:

> From what a couple radio consultants tell me...radio people love
> this format (& obviously some percentage of listeners do too) but
> AAA just doesn't generate enough cume to succeed and push
> advertising sales in most markets.

I don't know if that's really true.  With I think is closer to the
truth is that station owners found that they can make more money
running something else.  I've not heard of any recent financial
difficulties at Northeast Broadcasting (owners of five AAA stations),
nor do I recall any recent important defections from the format.

What AAA needs in order to succeed:

1) A good local advertising (or ``underwriting'') base.  (Stations
can't depend on the competition selling out every season.)

2) Upscale audience.

3) Vibrant local music scene.

In many ways, this audience dynamic is similar to that which supports
classical music stations in much of the country.

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