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Re: What Donna said

And don't forget the 50 kW DA-D station in MD about 20 
miles south of DC. If I recall, that station is close 
enough to Chesapeake Bay that there is a good salt water 
path most of the way to Norfolk. When the MD station 
first went on the air 15 or 20 years ago (it was 10 kW 
DA-D then), it had the calls WBZE. Supposedly, those 
calls were picked so that the daytime local signal plus 
the dynamite nighttime signal from WBZ would give the 
casual listener the impression that all the programming 
was coming from one station (!) 

>   On my Norfolk,Virginia trip last week I was getting WBZ loud and 
>on the Dodge Caravan factory radio as early as 8:30PM.During the 
day I was
>getting a religious station on 1030,wasn't local,but still a listenable
>signal in the Norfolk area and on the Eastern Shore of Virginia into
>Maryland during the day.I would guess the 50KW DA-D on 1030 from 
>Carolina must null to the Northeast to protect WBZ,so that couldn't 
>been what I was hearing.I never heard any legal ID the times I tuned
>in,,just non stop gospel music and religious preachings.