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Re: What Donna said

   Garrett Wollman wrote:

> I haven't done that, but I have visited the Triangle area of North
> Carolina, where there's a powerful 50-kW DA-D on 1030, and at least in
> winter you can hear WBZ under the local just before sunset.  (I have a
> tape of this station signing off, and just as soon as they drop
> carrier, the AGC pulls up 'BZ loud and clear.)

   On my Norfolk,Virginia trip last week I was getting WBZ loud and clear
on the Dodge Caravan factory radio as early as 8:30PM.During the day I was
getting a religious station on 1030,wasn't local,but still a listenable
signal in the Norfolk area and on the Eastern Shore of Virginia into
Maryland during the day.I would guess the 50KW DA-D on 1030 from North
Carolina must null to the Northeast to protect WBZ,so that couldn't have
been what I was hearing.I never heard any legal ID the times I tuned
in,,just non stop gospel music and religious preachings.

Mark Watson