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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 7/30: Sales Galore!

"101 Strings" is a 1960's studio group that pressed dozens of LP's then,  
Same songs they did were re-packaged and different-logoed for 1990's sales, 
even though the sound was the same.   They're even too "sweet"? for WJIB.  -  
The newer re=packaged CD's are made in Canada because no one in the US wants 
to bother with them.  But they do have some ties with some marketing group in 
New Jersey.
They were not a Canadian group, so I guess if I got 740-Toronto, I couldn't 
get points with 101-Strings.
- ---jibguy

In a message dated 8/3/99 8:27:19 AM EST, sven@lily.org writes:

<< Well...since most of the 101 strings cassettes that i buy in drug stores
 are made in canada, would that  count? *grin*
 all 101 strings ...all the time... (except when we break for leased access
 shows) :->
 In all seriousness...is that orchestra canadian based or are the tapes
 just made there because of the cheaper labour?