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Re: Fwd: New London CT

Bill Dillane wrote:

> Scott D Fybush wrote:
> > -NEW LONDON: Standards WNLC checked in with the first-place title this
> > time......
> WNLC's success proves AM formats like standards, sports, news and talk can
> work on FM.  I'm sure the recycled WNLC call letters helped too. 

Does the New London market skew older than average?  Can I also 
assume that the New Bedford/Fall River market is much the same? 
Just wondering if the success of older-skewing formats in these 
markets is reflective of overall demographics.    

BTW, has anyone besides me been listening to WBAE (formerly 
WPOR(AM)) in Portland?  They might make things interesting for 
WLAM; for my money the "real" MOYL format blows away SMN's 
and WW1's ripoffs.  A couple of weeks ago Peter Marshall had his 
old Hollywood Squares comrade Tom Poston as a guest and they 
were laugh-out-loud funny (and the humor was clean, too.) Great 
stuff--and this was typical weekday programming!  Of course they 
don't have the local presence of a Bud Sawyer, Frank Fixaris or 
Bob Shaw, but the rest of WLAM's programming day is deadly, 
IMHO.  Too bad WBAE has such a lousy signal outside the metro.

Take care,

Chris, somewhere just outside the metro