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Re: Fwd: New London CT

I think that talk and standards can work on FM, or for that matter any format,
if it's correct for the market.  Groton-New London is an AC-weak market, with
two full signal satellite AC's. If there was a strong, local AC there, like a
WRCH or WMJX, standards may not be doing so well.  If one of the AC's, WBMW or
WTYD, flipped format, consolidating the AC audience to one signal, again, the
results could be different. The market also has a sizable older population,
since many people that own property along the CT shoreline seem to be "old
money."  The casinos don't hurt either.  Standards on FM work there, and on
Cape Cod, but it's debatable if it would work everywhere.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Bill1820@aol.com wrote:

> Scott D Fybush wrote:
> > -NEW LONDON: Standards WNLC checked in with the first-place title this
> > time......
> WNLC's success proves AM formats like standards, sports, news and talk can
> work on FM.  I'm sure the recycled WNLC call letters helped too.