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Re: WLVI calls in Albany???

Bob Nelson wrote:

> [...]
> the occasional listing for the
> Red Sox game as being on "WEEI-FM (850)" (sic--gee,
> I couldn't seem to find an 850 on my FM dial :) )
> and so on.

I was suprised one morning a couple of months ago when I looked in the
morning paper and saw that the Red Sox game was to be aired on WKVT-AM
"1430".  I cut it out and hung it on the wall over my desk at work, as the
only existing evidence that we sswitched frequencies <g>.  But that was a
good day for the paper.  One of the few days where they actually included
radio listings in the "TV and Radio" section of the sports page. The radio
listings were a lot more accurate when the Reformer was locally owned,

Doug Bassett
WKVT 1490/WKVT-FM 92.7
Brattleboro, Vt.