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Re: FW: The Don and Mike Show

We had an FM talk station here in Jacksonville, FL that flipped to
Classic Rock about 18 months ago.

Here was the lineup:

AM Drive:
(for a time they REPEATED the show between 10 and 2)
late AM: Judy Jarvis
Early Afternoon Bo Ritz (rotating list of shows, actually)
PM Drive: Don & Mike
Evening: Tom Leykas
Late Evening: Ferel on the Bench (Sports with quite an attitude)
Ovenights: Joey Reynolds
Saturday Mornings: Saturday Morning Funnies (The Best of the Greaseman)
otherwise FSU Football or WWI's classic rock feed.

I found the lineup mostly entertaining, (Grease, Don & Mike, Leykas &
Joey Reynolds) granted, not highbrow entertainment, but it worked for us
blue collar types. Maybe WBOS will become a reincarnation of  "Real
Radio 106.5" (WTLK) HotTalk... BTW, Shel, happy belated birthday.  Did
your cousin Steve Sugarman (Fox) (ex:WLLH 1972) ever mention why Clear
Channel Jacksonville, FL pulled the plug on the talk format??


Ron Gitschier
Jacksonville, FL
Home of a good, live, local 50kw (serious) talk station WOKV/690 (ex:
WAPE-AM)... there is a God - we have a decent News Talk Station in the
market... a rarity nowadays.

Ron Gitschier
Roger Kirk wrote:

> Bill O'Neill wrote
> >To keep comedy clean and still make you laugh
> >out loud takes the kind of guts that just isn't
> >happening, at least for the moment.
> Guts?  How about skill?
> Red Skelton could do it.
> Timing!  Timing!  Timing!
> Profanity is a cheap shot.
> Appeals to the gut (err.. crotch)
> rather than that elusive funnybone.
> Clever humor is like a provocatively
> clad woman, the imagination makes
> it so much more appealing than the
> naked truth.
> Roger Kirk
> rogerkirk@usa.net