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Re: travel shows, etc...

In a message dated 7/19/99 6:46:19 AM EDT, bostonradio@yahoo.com writes:

<< WRKO runs Microsoft-produced "Expedia Radio Show" on Sunday 
 mornings(6am-7am) >>

Is there someplace to find a list of these hidden gems - programs that are 
put on at these very early or late hours that I wouldn't find by accident?  
If I happened to be up at that ungodly hour on a Sunday, I'd listen.  I 
usually listen to WERS and WBUR on Sunday mornings. And I always forget about 
LTAR. Is that still on? What time?
     Also, are there any computer call-in shows in the Boston area?   I seem 
to recall finding one by accident once on one of the more distant, just 
outside of Boston stations.

(A talk radio junkie who would welcome a travel or computer call-in program, 
geared to nerds like me,  r more "hot-talk" info-tainment like Tai or Mark 
Parenteau )