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Re: The Bus has pulled into Worcester

According to the FCC database, 
WORC-FM's CP to move to Spencer has since expired and 
they are still transmitting from Southbridge. 
Also the database still shows them as being licensed 
to Webster.


> Update:  WXLO has closed on WORC-FM and the "Bus" is now parked at the
> WXLO studios on Commercial Street.  They moved in on Thursday.  The word
> I'm
> hearing is that none of the on-air staff from the Bus made the
> transition, but I don't know for sure.  Right now the station is still
> doing classic rock with sweepers and a few spots.  Management has been
> very mum as to what changes, if any, they will make with ORC-FM.
> As far as the Fox is concerned, they did do well, but I figured they
> would,
> since their signal is far superior to ORC-FM's at this point. Once
> ORC-FM has their new Spencer stick up and running, it will be
> interesting to see what 98.9's impact will be on the market. WWFX did
> promote themselves well, with lots of billboard and buscards, which
> helped. Now, if they can get the glitches out of their automation
> system....
> Mike Thomas
> WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

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