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Re: WBZ's On-Air Glitches

 And there have also been cell-phone problems, with reporters cutting
out in
> the midst of a report, or having bad static on the line when their
> begins -- that isn't their fault, of course, but it's a shame when
it happens.

We may want to thank digital wireless technology for that.  It seems
the old analog ones, although perhaps a bit less clear, were more
forgiving as the signal strength dipped before the voter would switch
the hop.  Lost Calls is a BIG complaint by digital phone users (like
me) to BAM and other carriers.  Also, the days of the higher wattage
mounted car phones is passing to the more prevalent handheld with its
lower gain (isn't it around point eight watts versus three?)

All tolled, however, news stations must be thrilled to have a
potential hot mic in the hands of every staffer at all hours.  Even
reflecting back on last weekend's WCAP remote at the Lowell FOlk
Fest., at 6:15 p.m., ready to do the wrap interview with Audrey
Ambrosino of the Park, a Cith of Lowell electrician proceeded to yank
the juice and proceed to tear down the temporary riser panel, knocking
off the whole thing.  We bagged the interview, but with my trusty
wireless phone, I was able to phone in the wrap up.  (The phone hung
in there that time!)

Bill O'Neill