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WRKO's Signal (Was: [none])

Kyle Stephanos wrote,

> Has anyone noticed WRKO's signal lately. It's very low!
> During the day when leaving the Haverhill area, the signal
> seems quite low. WROL seems to have the same signal where
> before, RKO had a much stronger signal then it does now.
> At night, I get a skywave news station in the distance that
> often is equal with WRKO. This was not the case until a week
> or so ago. Has anyone else noticed this?

Last Wednesday morning (21), they clicked off at 1:10am, during Art
Bell's intro segment (right in mid-sentence--no "going off-air for
transmitter maintenance" or anything), was on and off for a few minutes
around 2:50am, then came back on for good at 3:05am:  At first with
reduced power, then, checking back a couple of minutes later, they
seemed to be back up to full power.  When I checked back at 5:30am, they
were again at reduced power and have been that way ever since (at least
a/o yesterday morning).
I gave the board-op a buzz Saturday morning (using their *OLD* toll
free, "TALK-6-80" number--yes, it apparently *is* still active) and was
basically told "yea, sometimes something in the transmitter breaks down,
but we hope to have it fixed within a few days".
I say it's The BOS trying to disenfranchise listeners!   P=)   P=)   P=)