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WBZ's On-Air Glitches

Has WBZ  installed a software update in their 
Scott system?  

The number of "no audio", "multiple sources 
at once" and "dropped audio" incidents has 
risen sharply over the last month.

Yesterday morning, Ray Hoffman said
"in the Business Week Bureau, I'm Ray
Hoffman for WBZ News Radio Ten...."

Jay McQuaid recoverd quickly by adding
"Thirty" and then continuing without comment
although he did sound slightly puzzled for a 
couple of seconds.  Good catch.

Anthony Silva wasn't so lucky, the afternoon
guy in the Business Week Bureau just cut out 
in the middle of a stock price.  Anthony tried
to cover with "We'll be looking at rest of the 
closing prices shortly", but his tone of voice 
relayed both puzzlement and annoyance.

How long do you suppose management will 
tolerate an obviously sub-par system like
this?  It just makes everyone look bad.

Roger Kirk