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Carr Wreck

Did anyone catch Howie Carr in his first segment today?  He goes with
the JFK, Jr. jokes "because they were in USA Today" today.  He gets
the usual suspects with the references to Ted's weight, Chappiq., etc.
He boasts of "forty calls....forty calls in that segment" with canned
laughter, etc.

That he went there is not the point, nor a surprise.  What became
quite evident was his weakness in handling the critics who he
obviously knew or recognized as having value in their opinions who
spoke of their shame of his lack of judgment and taste in this regard.

A caller hit one up the middle when asking why he didn't just take
responsibility for going with the topic versus passing the buck to USA
Today.  (Awkward moment.)  The clincher seemed to be an articulate 40+
woman who inquired as to how he would like it if it were HIS daughters
who "took a ride with someone" and perished.  Carr pauses, then says,
"I wouldn't be listening to the radio."


His numbers may prove that maybe he is not all that different from his
demo, afterall.

Bill O'Neill