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Re: Carr Wreck

> Did anyone catch Howie Carr in his first segment today?  He goes with
> the JFK, Jr. jokes "because they were in USA Today" today. 
> [...]
> A caller hit one up the middle when asking why he didn't just take
> responsibility for going with the topic versus passing the buck to USA
> Today.  (Awkward moment.)

Pff.  That caller must not have been listening long, like many of the 
callers who got on the air and repeated jokes heard just five minutes 
previous.   What was the producer doing letting them through?

Carr declared that he'd been wanting to do that segment for a while,
and he had been waiting for someone else in the media to raise the
topic.   He was playing his naughty-boy act, _openly_ pretending to
hide behind USA Today's article.

> The clincher seemed to be an articulate 40+
> woman who inquired as to how he would like it if it were HIS daughters
> who "took a ride with someone" and perished.  Carr pauses, then says,
> "I wouldn't be listening to the radio."

Was that a lady?  It reminded me of Bernard Shaw talking to Dukakis.  

- -_RC