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Re: Harmonizer

On 27 Jul 99,  John Bolduc wrote:

> I'm not in the business so I don't know about the "Hamonizer", however
> there is a "shareware" audio program is capable of doing length of
> selection compression with similar good results. It's called Goldwave is
> is available at www.goldwave.com. It's fun and useful to play with all the
> audio tools. (fyi I have no financial connection to this company, I just
> think it's the cats meow!).

Somehow this reminds me of an episode of the 1950s TV show "Space Patrol" 
(which I have on audiotape), in which someone had an invention called the 
"Atom Harmonizer," which could shrink things to small size and restore 
them later.  A real boon for shipping.  But when it got into the hands of 
a bad guy, he used it to steal entire buildings and restore them on his 
asteroid.  When he robbed a bank, he really robbed a bank!

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