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I'm not in the business so I don't know about the "Hamonizer", however there is
a "shareware" audio program is capable of doing length of selection compression
with similar good results. It's called Goldwave is is available at
www.goldwave.com. It's fun and useful to play with all the audio tools. (fyi I
have no financial connection to this company, I just think it's the cats meow!).


Chuckigo@aol.com on 07/27/99 03:00:02

>>  to adjusting thelength of a spot without the resulting "chimpmunk effect".
>> if the spot is really too long, and you're trying to shave much more than six
>>seven seconds off a spot, then you wind up with a noticeable loss of quality
>>throughout the spot. (eliminating six seconds to make a spot fit into :60 is
>>asking the machinery to eliminate ten percent, across the board, of every
>>sound... )