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Re: WFNX --> monitoring Sanford

John asked about WDNH's relationship with WOTW.  They were both owned by
Eastminster Broadcasting Corporation.  WDNH was born August 24, 1970 and
didn't become WOKQ until Fuller-Jeffrey bought it (June 23, 1977).  As
Lindsay Collins pointed out in another post, WCNL Newport was also part
of Eastminster.  At one time Pat Bronstein (one of the owners &GM) used
to host a mid-morning trimulcast talk show with Beverly Lewis.

Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 11:48:09 -0400 "John Bolduc" <John_Bolduc@Pictel.com>
>Does anyone remmeber when WDNH became WOKQ. What was WDNH relationship 
>to WOTW?

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