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when are legal IDs supposed to be done?

Was using the scan button on my car radio yesterday and heard a couple
of stations (WOKQ was one) doing legal IDs on the half-hour. Now, I
thought that the FCC required legal IDs (calls and city of license) on
the hour (or at least between :50 and :10) but any other airing of a
legal ID is optional. Or did they change the rule? 
In other words, is it only required that stations air a legal ID once
an hour, and it doesn't matter when?

Folks like me who have taped radio airchecks have traditionally started
the tape at a certain time to make sure we get the ID, but I'm
wondering exactly what the rule is on that.

Of course, there have been cases of stations "forgetting" to do a legal
ID. A small station
(like a college one) may forget, or you could have a
board operator who isn't paying attention:

"let's take ten seconds for stations to identify
themselves on the Boston Red Sox Radio Network"

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