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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 7/16: WZEN

I've been pleasantly surprised at the music mix on 106.5 (Farmington
yadda yadda.) Positively 4th street, pet sounds, what a difference a day
makes... definitely not "safe" sounds but most trigger the "gee, I
remember that" and bring a smile. There was a lot of music that didn't
hit the top 20 that was fun. Almost enough to have me dust off the old
PAMS jingles and airchecks.

I haven't heard as much repetition in the playlist as elsewhere.

Paul Barton

"David W. Harris" wrote:
> "The BEST and MOST oldies on Oldies 106.5, WZEN
> Farmington-Portsmouth-Winnipesaukee"
> So where's Winnipesaukee?  I know of no city, town, or political
> subdivision in New Hampshire by that name.  From 1907 until the end of
> 1964 there was a post office on Winaukee Road in Moultonboro by that
> name, but I have never heard anyone in that neck of the woods refer to
> the neighborhood as Winnipesaukee.  Numerous modern maps continue this
> fiction of a community named Winnipesaukee near the end of Moultonboro
> Neck, although the dot isn't in the right place for where the P.O. used
> to be.  If you hand your outgoing mail to Bud Grant aboard the Sophie C.
> he'll be happy to cancel it with a stamp that says Lake Winnipesaukee,
> so that may count as an extant community, but the "Lake" part seems to
> be missing from WZEN's ID.
> While you have your New Hampshire map out, try this: draw a line from
> downtown Rochester to downtown Wolfeboro, roughly 22 miles.  Now follow
> along while I read to you all the commercial FMs licensed to communities
> touched by that line.  Here goes:
> Rochester...WQSO, Oldies 96.7
> Farmington...WZEN, Oldies 106.5
> Wolfeboro...WLKZ, Oldies 105
> Notice anything?  Yes, while oldies fans in other parts of the country
> must endure the same old songs with the same old jingles and same old
> liners all the time, listeners in this area are afforded a wide choice
> of jingles and liners to hear between their oldies.  In certain dayparts
> they may even choose announced vs. unannounced.  Truly, these are among
> the freedoms for which so many have fought and died since our nation was
> founded.


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