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How Many Radio & TV People Are Named Phillips?

Ever wonder why the on-air pseudonym "Phillips" or "Michaels" has become so popular...
Can anyone name any additional Phillips', for instance ---

Wally Phillips = legendary Chicago broadcaster, member of
                 the Radio Hall of Fame

Renee Phillips = ex of WKBW-TV Buffalo

Vic Phillips = Canada's Centennial Anchorman, used to be
               the Anchor of CTV National News (immediately after Peter Jennings went to ABC), Global News Toronto, etc.

Jeniene Phillips = Global Television, Montreal

Sandra Phillips = Smart Shopping on Montreal radio

Chuck Phillips = CIQC AM 600, Montreal

Bruce Phillips = former Ottawa Bureau Chief, CTV News
                 now federal government's Privacy Commissioner

Stone Phillips =  NBC News, New York


Can you add to this list?
And can anyone explain the fascination with "Phillips"?
Proportionately I would bet there are more Phillips as broadcasters than members of the armed forces or airline pilots.



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