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Changes at CIQC

With the impending shift of Montreal's CIQC AM 600 to the 940 position on the dial, and a programming shift towards NewsRadio, have heard from a number of people in Montreal radio that the following personnel changes are being considered by The Two Pierres, Pierre Beland and Pierre Arcand, who run Metromedia Broadcasting ---

1)- Former Global Television/TVA Network/Montreal Gazette newsman Benoit Aubin will be selected to run the expanded newsroom operation.

2)- As the NewsRadio concept is big for Clear Channel Communications (ex-Jacor) -- witness WIOD Miami -- The Two Pierres wish to bring the exalted Kevin Metheny of Howard Stern fame north of the border to work his magic as Program Director...guess they have more than a few "personalities" who need to be brought into line as at WNBC...Perhaps his first task will be to get the talent to learn the proper way to do a station ID --- C.IIIIII.Q.C



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