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Re: Great Media Chairman dies

Chuck Igo:
> just some of my thoughts about Greater Media...
> there must be something to what he was able to do, as it is one of
the few
> radio stations around, as of this writing, that has more than a
handful of
> people who have been with the group since its inception.  Magic has
a staff
> that i think is only junior in onair Boston to the WBZ crew.

My condolences to the family of Mr. Bordes.  Never met the gentleman,
but had only heard unsolicited, good things about him as a devotee to
the radio art as well as profit center.  And longevity to a radio
company is as much a testimony to a decision maker like Bordes as it
is to the talent he supported through the years.  Decisions may be
best that involve leaving things alone, coaching them along,
encouraging a strong foundation, all of which translates to the

Bill O'Neill