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Re: shania twain gives select djs a kiss

At 09:49 PM 7/20/99 -0400, Donna Halper wrote:
>Btw, this goes back to the 1950s when a guy named Tommy Facenda did "High
>School USA" and had to record about 30 versions of it for various high
>schools in various cities-- he screwed up the Boston one badly-- he was
>given a list of Boston area high schools, which of course he didn't know
>one from another, so he read abbreviations as if they were the name of the
>school-- Jamaica Plain had been abbreviated on his list as Jam. Plain, so
>that's what he sang...    

And of course they didn't have the luxury of digital editing equipment (or
very sophisticated multitracking either...maybe 3 tracks, max), so it was
much more of a project to pull off than it is today.