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Re: shania twain gives select djs a kiss

John wrote--
>What I have noticed is that it is not a smooth edit. Perhaps it's the "B" that
>I'm hearing that make me cringe. Anyway, I prefer the ??country mix?? vs the
>??disco mix??.
These things are often tricky, since they are done fast-- a whole bunch at
a time, while the star has a few minutes in a studio.  I was told Shania
had only a very little time to do a large number of names.  That may
explain the bad edit job.

Btw, this goes back to the 1950s when a guy named Tommy Facenda did "High
School USA" and had to record about 30 versions of it for various high
schools in various cities-- he screwed up the Boston one badly-- he was
given a list of Boston area high schools, which of course he didn't know
one from another, so he read abbreviations as if they were the name of the
school-- Jamaica Plain had been abbreviated on his list as Jam. Plain, so
that's what he sang...