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Wayne Bearor

sad to note the passing of a nice guy and a really great voice...
read in the obits of Maine Sunday Telegram that Wayne Bearor (Wayne B)has 
passed at age 56.
not sure what he was fighting.  i've known him since 1981 when i was brought 
into WGAN, and he seemed to be a clean living guy.
Wayne, according to the notice, started in Skowhegan (WGHM)as a parttime 
announcer in 1963.  moved to the Portland area in 68, and then landed with 
Guy Gannet in 1969.  He was on air with WGAN, and even did PD duties for a 
then he slid down the hall to the business department in 72, eventually 
becoming the
data services and business director for GGBS.  
The man had a nice set of pipes, and enjoyed doing the occasional voice over 
station id for WGME.
i hadn't realized that he was ill.  he never gave any indication.
i know i'll miss the occasional chats, and, with time being the thief that
it is... you just never know.  make sure you take a moment and catch up with
that broadcasting bud you might have let slip away.