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Re: JFK Missing -- Coverage

On 18 Jul 99,  Brian Vita wrote:

> Yes, the Civil Air Patrol and several volunteer pilots groups did most of
> the searching.  I don't recall the Air Force being called in.
It was mentioned in one of yesterday's news conferences that the Air Force 
unit that is involved is one whose mission is search and rescue.  It 
routinely conducts search and rescue in the United States and helps with 
search and rescue operations in Canada.  The Coast Guard also routinely 
looks for anyone lost at sea, often dedicating considerable resources to 
do so.  Note that the search procedures went according to a standard 
protocol.  If this search were all that unusual, they would now be 
inventing the procedures.

They may well be trying harder because it is a famous person, but not by 
all that much.

Media coverage, on the other hand ...

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