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With all of the input as to what WBOS should add to its proposed all-talk line-up...what does anyone think about a travel show...don't think there is such a thing (other than The Savvy Traveler on NPR) currently heard in the Boston area.

While traveling in Canada last month, had the chance to tune in a local show in Montreal, called "Travel World" ... there was also an article in The Gazette while I was there, which discussed its popularity...Apparently it's the highest-rated AM show in its time slot on Saturday mornings, been on for over 2 years, and, from what I heard taking in a few week's programs, a banter-style 2-host approach...The Gazette called one of the hosts, Willem Bagchus "The Howard Stern of Travel...who provides the comedic element, including off-colour jokes"...and the other host, Stephen Pickford, as "an aviation expert...who can tell you what meal is being served on-board an aircraft he spots in the sky".

This is the type of interesting radio we need in Boston, not UFOs in the desert trailer park or sex-starved computer nerds.

Regards to all,

Tom Chleborad

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