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Re: Another Talker in Boston....?

Steve Ordinetz writes:
> Probably the week after Ross Perot is sworn in as president.  AAA's
> minutes of fame are over, rare is the station that gets any numbers
> it.

Good thing for AAA fans that the (thankfully different) format is on
The River (WXRV Haverhill), just the station most apt to stay the
course, regardless of the Boston ADI numbers (unless, of course, they
totally tanked beyond recognition.)  <Economy of Scale Alert ON> I'd
suspect that as long as they keep a decent rate up there <Economy of
Scale Alert OFF> and some decent inventory/traffic, you won't be
seeing the return of Manilow and Christopher Cross.  However, if the
station is someday scooped by a group looking to scatch another notch
on their acquisitions bedpost, it could be another story.

Bill O'Neill