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Re: The Don and Mike Show

> bob and ray did similiar stuff on whdh in the 50's, right?  <sarcasm
> chuck

My favorite Bob & Ray line:  <setup> B: "You tell me the answer and
I'll tell you the question."
R:  "You're on a roll!"  B:  "Why is there butter on my pants?"  That
actually came from a (post-retirement) Massachusetts Electric TV spot
featuring the duo.

You know it's true genius when the written word was a close second to
their delivery and timing.

I don't think it is that a Bob & Ray team would not work today on
radio, I just don't think there is that kind of talent out there who
is interested in radio.  To keep comedy clean and still make you laugh
out loud takes the kind of guts that just isn't happening, at least
for the moment.

Bill O'Neill