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Re: JFK Missing -- Coverage

my reaction was a little the same and then i thought about it and realized 
that yeah, there are massive searches for ordinary people in accidents quite 
often. look at the massive volunteer efforts for lost kids or that boston 
teacher who's car broke down. remember that plane from lebanon, nh that 
everyone is still looking for? other plane accidents get pretty good coverage 
from the media as well. plane crashes, fires, missing kids -- seven news is 
on the scene! but, this much? no. 

plus, i don't think the pentagon is ever involved in something like this. one 
has to wonder if amy carter, chelsea, the gorgeous gore girls or nixon/ford's 
kids would get as much coverage or action if heaven forbid anything should 

In a message dated 7/18/99 8:38:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
brian_vita@cssinc.com writes:

<< I am a conservative also but my political leanings have nothing to do with 
 the nausea that I am experiencing over not only the coverage but the 
 government attention as well.  Like Mr. Kennedy I am also a pilot, probably 
 with more hours than he has.  I my rented Piper Arrow went into the drink 
 with my wife and sister-in-law on board you can bet that we wouldn't have 
 half the Coast Guard looking for us.