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Re: JFK Missing -- Coverage

Dan Billings wrote:

> It just shows that CELEBRITY is king in our culture and in the news media 
> today.


> ABC had Barbara Walters on the phone and seemed to be focusing on the
> celebrity aspects of the story

You just proved your own point, Dan!  *Of course* the Kennedy name and its
attendant overlay of celebrity gloss has everything to do with the extent
of coverage given this tragedy.  The same thing goes for the extraordinary
resources devoted to the so-called "search and rescue" (read: recovery)
mission off Martha's Vineyard.  No one would go to such measures for you
or I cause we're just not hunky or rich or famous enough, dammit.

Take care,

Chris, who absolutely echoes the sentiments of others on the list in that
my prayers are with the family in their time of grief