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Re: JFK Missing -- Coverage

It sounds like some of Dan's conservative leaning beliefs are talking here.  If
Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush were involved in a plane crash, the coverage would
also be wall to wall.  Amy Carter and the Reagan kids were not in the public
spotlight nearly as long as JFK Jr. was, and they never recieved any lasting
noteriety.  Also, many older Americans have followed JFK Jr. since the Kennedy
assassination, which was another great Kennedy tragedy.  This country has been
focused on this family, this very DEMOCRATIC family, for many, many years, and it
sound like Mr. Billings is letting his political views tarnish what is a very
legitimate news story, probably this biggest news story of the year.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Dib9@aol.com wrote:

> IAm I the only one surprised that the networks went with continuing coverage
> all day with JFK Jr. coverage?  They don't even do that anymore when we go to
> war or when the Congress is considering impeachment of the President.  There
> was little to add during most of the day and the continuing live coverage led
> mainly to speculation and  loads of errors.  (i.e. it was originally reported
> that there was a fourth person on the plane.)
> It just shows that CELEBRITY is king in our culture and in the news media
> today.  The whole thing is certainly a tragedy and my prayers are with the
> families, but the coverage is overkill.  If Amy Carter or Ronald Reagan Jr.
> were missing would we get this kind of coverage?