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Re: JFK, cont.

  Bill O'Neill wrote:
> Did anyone else notice that Bruce Schoegler's (welcome) radio reports
> were cut-off mid-sentence a couple of times?  I considered it was a
> radio feed to TV audio transition, etc.  
   I was listening to WBZ while traveling to/from New Bedford today.Heading
up to 12 Noon they were carrying the ABC feed where the anchor was
interviewing someone( I don't recall names) when in mid-sentence the top of
the hour "While you're driving your car we're driving 50,000 watts" ID
abruptly cut off the ABC feed.Then they went local for a bit,then rejoined
ABC's feed in progress.Same thing happened at 1PM.Sounded a bit sloppy for
major market radio,IMHO.If I were in charge,I would have waited for a pause
or conclusion of the interview or report in progress,then have the 'BZ
anchor come in,do a live legal ID and go into the local coverage.
  Also as a note,listening to WROR this AM,they broke into the taped "Best
of Loren and Wally" show with a live report on the JFK plane incident from
Judy Papperelli(sp) (who was introduced by a familiar name on this
list:Chuck Igo).   Also,WMJX jock Candi Oteri had an update on this at
10:20AM.Just curious if other FM's made any mention of the JFK Jr. story.

Mark Watson