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Re: Another Talker in Boston....?

> we have the following shows up here in Portland.  I will preface my
> once again with the feeling that Boston is where syndication should 
> not wind up.

And I would agree.   However, unlike 1975, there IS some decent
syndication available now.  And Laura, Rush, Imus and Stern have shown
that people will listen to it.....even in AM-Drive, where it was once
thought that 'local' was sacramount.)

> <<JIM BOHANNON -  (While a lightweight, hearing him would be a welcome
> from the UFO nut.>>
> Beg to differ on your opinion of him as a lightweight.  he's
> witty, very very sharp....

I would agree, that's why I would like to hear him regulalry.  However,
he doesn't seem to have a "schtick" as do most of the other talkers
mentioned.....so he appears to have limited "star appeal" (as Ed McMahon
would say).  

> (i happen to like Art Bell.  

I do know he IS popular....But I gotta tell ya, I just can't figure out
why.  Especially when I hear him voicing those shill commercials that he
does for the world famous micro-radio-antenna....or some diet supplement
that "simply sucks the fat out your system".  I think he needs more of a
sense of humor.  

> <<BRUCE WILLIAMS - He does a great job!  ALthough I don't sense the
> support from the network that I did when they first launched TalkNet.
> hello my friend.  i'm bruce, and this... this is...    same schtick,
now 17 
> years later.  

Agreed, and as mentioned, I think the level of support he was getting
from the network has fallen.  The caliber of call has fallen, so
Ibelieve he has lesser able call screeners.  Also, he seems to be doing
a financial "dr. Laura" bit....where he sits on a high hoirse and beats
up on callers.  (I also am amused when he calls women callers "honey".) 

But haven't heard him on the air in a major market in awhile.  

> So, in which case, Boston should, if it wants:
> Country?  Let's clear a midday show from Nashville.
> Oldies?  Heck, let's just let WCBS show everyone how it's done in
> drive.

Rant, rant, rant...   :-)