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JFK Missing -- Coverage

3:10 p.m.
This morning around 9:30 I dashed off an email to New England Cable
News' feedback address after tuning them in to get info on the
emerging story only to see a Chappaquidick (sp) piece.  It just seemed
poorly timed, despite the 30th anniversary of the accident and death
of Ms. Kopechne.  I tend to think that based on the flow of that hour
on the channel that they were not even live.  Not sure.

So far, of all nets, Peter Jennings still proves to be the best talker
when there is nothing new to report.  His tosses and cross with
Charlie Gibson (at the Kenn. Compd.) were well-placed.

Heather Kahn...almost felt bad for her.  Facile with anchoring
breaking news would not be an attribute this morning.   Felt worse for
Chet, an accomplished pilot, who seemed annoyed at remarks by some
reporters who depicted pilots of small craft as reckless.

Interesting that WBZ radio carried TV audio for much of the afternoon,
thus far.  John Henning's perspective, (Q&A with Liz Walker)
reflecting on his 1960 remembrances of the election time when Jackie
was an expecting mother with John, Jr.

A tough story on which to report in light of the tragic framework,
juxtaposed by expanses of big, live aerial video featuring
Massachusetts Bay, framed by logos, headers, reaching, often halting,

Bill O'Neill