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Re: Another Talker in Boston....?

we have the following shows up here in Portland.  I will preface my comments 
once again with the feeling that Boston is where syndication should 
originate, not wind up.

In a message dated 7/17/99 4:38:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
LJNF40C@Prodigy.com writes:

<< G GORDON LIDDY - A very WHINY voice....but he has been pretty
 sucessful...and is popular among thecollege crowd.  (Believe it or not!) >>

Imagine Rush with a semiautomatic, no, make that two semiautomatic weapons,
locked and loaded.    more power to him.  if convicted felons are your bag, 
then have at it him.

<<TOM LEYKIS- While I never thought he would succeed in syndication, he HAS
hung in there for awhile...and of course there would be a Boston interest in

Leykis is actually very funny.  very much out there in terms of non-double 
entendre.  occasionally, he'll keep it in his pants and do an issue show.

<<JIM BOHANNON -  (While a lightweight, hearing him would be a welcome change
from the UFO nut.>>

Beg to differ on your opinion of him as a lightweight.  he's knowledgeable, 
witty, very very sharp, and holds the advertising inserts in TV Guide in as 
much contempt as the rest of us.   could we put him and the UFO nut in am 
stereo?  one in each channel?  (i happen to like Art Bell.  it's like Rush:  
follow the routine, and watch the cult grow.
note to Rush:  start asking for money... it worked for Jim Bakker and Billy 

<<BRUCE WILLIAMS - He does a great job!  ALthough I don't sense the same
support from the network that I did when they first launched TalkNet.>>

hello my friend.  i'm bruce, and this... this is...    same schtick, now 17 
years later.  "do you have an attorney?  call me back when you get one."
you wanna give me a salary with numbers to the left of the decimal point?  
i'll be happy to spend several hours each evening telling you what you 
already should know.  (get an attorney!  unless you already signed the paper, 
then you're on your own...)


So, in which case, Boston should, if it wants:
Country?  Let's clear a midday show from Nashville.
Oldies?  Heck, let's just let WCBS show everyone how it's done in afternoon 
Soft Rock?  Let's throw Deliliah up there in the evening.

Careful what we ask for.  You want syndication?  you'll get it.
currently in Portland, the morning show on WGAN is live/local.  4 hours.
the other AM'ers up here:  all syndicated programming, save the AM & Midday 
shows on the 870 m.o.y.l. station.
FM's are all falling right behind. a few are running jock in a box 24/7.
others are using the jock in a box as it suits their needs. (some middays, 
overnights, weekends)

Chuck Igo