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Re: Another Talker in Boston....?

Bob Nelson wrote:

> > G GORDON LIDDY - A very WHINY voice....but he has
> > been pretty
> > sucessful...and is popular among thecollege crowd.
> > (Believe it or not!)
> Wasn't/isn't he on WXTK 94.9 Cape Cod?

Liddy can also be heard on WRPT (650AM) Ashland and WORC (1310AM) in

> > TOM LEYKIS- While I never thought he would succeed
> > in syndication, he HAS
> > hung in there for awhile...and of course there would
> > be a Boston interest in
> > him.  (I will never hear him again without thinking
> > of the newspaper's
> > reference to him "mistaking his wife for a yule
> > log".)

Wasn't he on WCAP for awhile?  Is he still there?

> > BRUCE WILLIAMS - He does a great job!  ALthough I
> > don't sense the same
> > support from the network that I did when they first
> > launched TalkNet.

WTIC-AM has been running Williams forever, but I doubt that his dry
business/investment talk would do well against Brudnoy or Tai.  I think
BOS will try for a higher profile, lower brow show at night like Leykis
or Don & Mike.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7