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Re: Might there be ANOTHER Greater Media station about to change format?

I think it's doubtful that WROR will make the full flip.  They seem to be
filling the hole between WODS (early 70s and earlier), and  WQSX (late 70's and
later) while playing songs common to both stations.  WROR would not be able to
generate much of a buzz with with a format flip, since WQSX plays a lot of those
titles already, plus WBOS's presumed move to talk will distract from any change
at WROR.  Look for more of the same, at least for a little while longer.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Joseph Gallant wrote:

> Perhaps the result of the Spring book (which I believe will "his the street"
> at any minute) might not just convince Greater Media to launch "BOSS Talk"
> at 92.9 (thanks, Paul Hophgarten!), but bring a clone of "Jammin' Oldies" to
> 105.7 as well.