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Jay writes:
<snip> I remember tuning into the competition just to
> hear guys like
> the inept Les Nesman (and now more news.. and Less Nessman) just to
> a laff...

To this day, whenever I see the golfer Chi Chi Rodrigues' name in
print, I hear Nesman's "Chy Chy Rod-reeg-eye" pronunciation.  And then
there are the turkeys a-fallin' from the copter.  The humanity!

> Viva vacuum tubes...

We A/B'd an OLD tube Marti up against a newer solid state RPU and the
tube job (albeit lower output) can shoot a cleaner, rounder sound.
Remember Element 9 / Tube Theory on the Class III?  I think I was one
of the last to have to do that.  I & II survived a bit longer before
the tear off and mail card.

BTW, put me down for thinking the WKRP copy writer had ... more going
on than Jennifer, the secretary, fictionally speaking, of course.  <g>

Bill O'Neill