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As a former CE who also spent quite a bit of time on the air playing
those ancient
vinyl recordings in the late 60's and 70's, I enjoyed the reprise of
WKRP on Nickelodeon

Yes, Johnny Fever types have been replaced...by the giant bird up in the

sky, foisting
canned mediocrity on the listeners.  In contrast to the hijinks and
humor of the past, we are subjected to bland pablum and highly
forgettable songs.

What a shame that is.. I remember tuning into the competition just to
hear guys like
the inept Les Nesman (and now more news.. and Less Nessman) just to get
a laff...

As for ringing true, my favorite episode of WKRP is the one that
features a remote
at a local audio shop.  The bearded engineer (portrayed by Bill  Dial,
who also wrote many of the shows) is classic.... he sees the
made-in-Hong Kong wares being sold at the
audio store and remarks..  "I got a sound system in my van that would
blow this junk away..."....

Viva vacuum tubes... and those ancient Rek-O-Kut turntables.. and those
clanky Gates
cartridge machines.... too... oh yeah.. vinyl rules! And how can we ever

forget the omnipresent squeaking of the worn out control room chair?

Memories are made of these...

Jay Lent
Catskill Mountains NY