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Fred Cusick

I had the privilege of taking Fred Cusick to lunch on Monday, and let me
tell you, this guy is still amazing.  Not only is he still calling hockey
games at the age of EIGHTY, but I must tell you, he looks great and is very
energetic.  He also writes a newspaper column now and then and is very
eager to hear from anyone with memorabilia (photocopies are fine-- he isn't
seeking to start a collection; he just wants to see what has been written
about these folks) or stories about any of the sportscasting legends of
early broadcasting.  I gave him some clippings about Fred Hoey, Jim Britt
and Frank Ryan.  He asked me about Win Elliot, and told me some great
stories about his days working for WCOP and WHDH during the 40s...  (Btw,
since it was asked a few weeks ago, Fred told me that Leo Egan is alive and
well and living in Duxbury.  Leo is next on my list of people to talk with
about radio history...)   Anyway, if you have information or memories about
the early sportscasters (20s, 30s, 40s, early 50s) , Fred's e-mail is
<fmcusick@capecod.net>  I also told him about that excellent book about
famous sportscasters  "Voices of the Game", but he is mainly interested in
people with a New England background, and that book is mainly about
announcers who had a national following... still a great book though!
Anyway, thought you'd like to know how well Fred is doing.  He loves
calling the Lowell Loch Monsters games, and will be doing more games next