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Re: Fred Cusick

Saw Fred a few times this winter in Lowell, and he indeed look and sounded

As someone who has tried over the years to track down broadcast sports
moments in New England, one large piece has remained elusive. The Bobby Orr
Stanley Cup winning goal in 1970 was called by Fred Cusick on radio, but
only the televised version on CBS seems to exist. Fred was doing the game on
WBZ radio, as they took over the contract from WHDH AM at the start of the
1969-70 season. Long time Bruins radio voice Bob Wilson was the odd man out,
and was forced to take a job in St Louis, until WSBK hired Fred in 71-72
replacing the fired Don Earle, and Wilson took over the radio job.

WBZ issued a record album for the 1970-71 season featuring Fred, but the
1970 cup winning goal is among the missing broadcast moments of WBZ Radio.

There is a clipping of Fred at the Sport Museum talking about his hockey
career at Northeastern and how he hoped to break into broadcasting.