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Re: Imus Out At WEEI

Dan writes:
> Good idea.  From a programming point of view, WRKO makes the most
sense of
> any of the stations in the market.
> I doubt it will happen.  If that is something Entercom was
considering, they
> would have reached agreement with Infinity before announcing the
change and
> avoided the negative stories about Imus' ratings and passion.  They
> have just announced it as a programming switch within in the family
and got
> only positive publicity from it

Just as Rush moved from WHDH (then 850 Boston) to WRKO.  It only got
better for the show when that happened, largely due to the better
signal of 680.  Imus on WRKO would make a LOT of sense in terms of
going where the talk listeners already are (sort of like setting up
the mobile studio in a mall at Christmas).  Problem would be if Dr.
Laura, 19 hours tape delayed to 9 a.m. to noon, syndi-Rush noon to
three then syndi-Howie 3-7, the first truly local talk show wouldn't
even kick in until it's time to go up against Seinfeld reruns at 7
p.m.  If WRKO decided to do something local mid-days 10-3...

Bill O'Neill