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Chuck Iman, er..Igo writes:

> would be curious, though, to see how Imus would fare on a TALK
station in
> Boston, where the morning show would lead-in to yet another show
> talk & guests & phone calls.
> and please let me emphasise a difference between talk & sportstalk

Now there's a concept.  A talk show to lead-into...another talk show.
For the longest time, I couldn't get past the fact that someone was
launching an all-sports station in Boston, but delivering the triple A
rate card to Imus clients, not selling the concept of SPORTS radio to
customers trying to divide up their ad budget in a way that made
sense.  Time wore on with Imus on WEEI, it got easier to accept, and
the bloating and itching vanished.  <long week>  If some of the 92.9
guesses become true regarding a commercial FM talker, then Imus would
be a swell move, IMO.

Bill O'Neill