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Re: Globe story on Imus

It's also safe assume that Imus listeners don't tune in to the
other 'EEI dayparts and vice versa. Imus' numbers on WEEI began to go into
a tailspin around the same time(Spring '96) WBCN moved Stern
to mornings from nights.

A sports-oriented talk(whether Entercom will choose
to air The Bruno and Golic Show or a locally-originated stuff) 
on WEEI will probably do much better with regular 'EEI listeners 
who may otherwise tune in to  WBZ, WRKO or WNRB for sports updates,
talk, etc.


- --- Dib9@aol.com wrote:
> I just read the Globe story on WEEI dropping Imus.  WEEI PD Jason Wolfe made 
> his case very well.   The ratings for the show have dropped by 50% over the 
> last two years while the ratings for the sports programming have not.  As 
> Chuck has noted, the show costs a lot of money and is not producing enough to 
> justify continuing the contract.  A business decision was made by WEEI.  
> A did think Wolfe could have avoided criticizing the content of the show as 
> he did.  He's in no position to criticize Imus.  Has he listened to some of 
> the other shows on his station?
> The Globe storied engaged in more rumor mongering as some would say.  They 
> repeated speculation by industry insiders that Infinity might place the show 
> on one of their Boston properties, which does make some sense.  In that case, 
> they would not be shelling out the money that another company would, plus the 
> Boston numbers would help with their national sales.
> Chuck Igo made the point that Imus doesn't fit with a lot of music stations 
> because it is a talk show.  He is correct that Imus is a talk show, but in 
> reality so are the morning shows on many music stations.  Many stations that 
> push more music all day, only play a handful of songs in morning drive.  
> People have different expectations in the morning and if they like the 
> personalities and the content they will listen.
> I do agree that Imus listeners do not necessarily continue with the station 
> the rest of the day.  I listen to Imus most mornings on WZAN but rarely 
> listen to the station at any other time.
> Another problem with Imus is his regular vacations.  He's off as much as 
> Johnny Carson was in his last years on the Tonight Show.  A topical morning 
> show needs to be timely.  I'm an Imus fan, but I find the Best Of shows 
> boring and rarely listen.  This is dangerous.  Radio listening is habitual 
> and if you given a listener a reason to change the station, they may not come 
> back.
> Dan Billings
> Bowdoinham, Maine

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