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Globe story on Imus

I just read the Globe story on WEEI dropping Imus.  WEEI PD Jason Wolfe made 
his case very well.   The ratings for the show have dropped by 50% over the 
last two years while the ratings for the sports programming have not.  As 
Chuck has noted, the show costs a lot of money and is not producing enough to 
justify continuing the contract.  A business decision was made by WEEI.  

A did think Wolfe could have avoided criticizing the content of the show as 
he did.  He's in no position to criticize Imus.  Has he listened to some of 
the other shows on his station?

The Globe storied engaged in more rumor mongering as some would say.  They 
repeated speculation by industry insiders that Infinity might place the show 
on one of their Boston properties, which does make some sense.  In that case, 
they would not be shelling out the money that another company would, plus the 
Boston numbers would help with their national sales.

Chuck Igo made the point that Imus doesn't fit with a lot of music stations 
because it is a talk show.  He is correct that Imus is a talk show, but in 
reality so are the morning shows on many music stations.  Many stations that 
push more music all day, only play a handful of songs in morning drive.  
People have different expectations in the morning and if they like the 
personalities and the content they will listen.

I do agree that Imus listeners do not necessarily continue with the station 
the rest of the day.  I listen to Imus most mornings on WZAN but rarely 
listen to the station at any other time.

Another problem with Imus is his regular vacations.  He's off as much as 
Johnny Carson was in his last years on the Tonight Show.  A topical morning 
show needs to be timely.  I'm an Imus fan, but I find the Best Of shows 
boring and rarely listen.  This is dangerous.  Radio listening is habitual 
and if you given a listener a reason to change the station, they may not come 

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine