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I don't get your logic. In the business world, companies constantly
make decisions which impact them, their staff, their clients and
the marketplace. Radio business is not very different. And, the radio
professionals are not in any kind of a privileged class all by themselves,
although some think they are. I think you might be forgeting the fact
that Entercom and Greater Media are here to make money for their 
principal owners, shareholders, and clients. Worrying about employees'
feelings  is not a major item on their agenda. Pink slips or speculation
about them are nature of any business, including radio. It goes with
the territory, if you will.

Johnson is one of the best and most knowledgeable people who covers
the business of radio. He's usually on the money whne it comes to
getting the story right.

Herald's Jim Baker is also reporting that Imus is headed to WBOS-FM.


- --- Chris Beckwith <beckwith@ime.net> wrote:
> On 9 Jul 99, at 2:48, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> >>WBOS would seem to the be the better fit, as that is a station 
> that could be ripe for a complete overhaul, and 99.5 may not want 
> to anger its solid country base.<<
> But you're ignoring the links Imus has to the country audience.  A 
> lot of his bumper music is country, and he frequently has country 
> stars as guests (not just Delbert!)
> I tend to agree with Chuck that it's irresponsible to speculate about 
> such things when you have a solid reputation as a journalist, but 
> given Johnson's record I'm tempted to consider that he might be on 
> to something.
> Take care,
> Chris
> P.S.  Looking at WFNX's dismal ratings of late (getting stomped 
> 12+ by WPLM-FM, for chrissakes!) I wonder if this super-regional 
> strategy of theirs (extending their format into less-competitive 
> markets such as Manchester/Nashua and Portsmouth/ 
> Dover/Rochester) might make some sense.  What say you, fellow 
> listers???

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